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Stopping the Noise in your Head

The Noise in Your Head” video series captures the essence of Dr. Reid Wilson’s groundbreaking book, Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry, and delivers it in 6 concise, comedic installments. Dr. Wilson is a luminary in the field of Anxiety treatment. Utilizing strategic cognitive, mindfulness and acceptance skills, his approach has been quite helpful to my clients who have found this book very helpful. 

The maturing of the field in the treatment of obsessional and unwanted thoughts

Here is an excellent podcast called "Dark Thoughts" by NPR on the cutting-edge treatment of anxious or disturbing thoughts. The story involves a man with OCD with "harming" obsessions who gains freedom with a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (the 2nd historical wave of Psychotherapy) and mindfulness-based therapy including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (the latest 3rd wave). It's a good demonstration of how I help clients with OCD and various kinds of obsessional thinking, ruminations and worry. 

Here's a helpful poem that points the way toward the skill of acceptance as an alternative to behavioral avoidance

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy  is a set up skills that illuminates the way for us to drop our futile and culturally-bound attempts to wage war against our own inner lives. Rather than trying to reduce or eliminate difficult states such as shame, grief or fear, I enjoying teaching clients psychological acceptance techniques that encourage them to notice such difficult feelings more fully, while reducing their conditioned link to problematic action, such as avoidance behavio

Overcoming Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep difficulties are common problems that I often hear about and help clients with in my practice.  Lasting sleep problems can lead to real suffering and interference with ones life.

Here are two helpful articles on how to manage sleep problems through good sleep "hygenie," Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, physical exercise, and various forms of relaxing the nervous system:  

Developing Self Compassion

Here's an interesting article from the New York Times on a new wave of research on the importance of Self Compassion, which as the article states "is not to be confused with self indulgence or lower standards."  Becoming a good friend to yourself is a part of more successfully handling the inevitable ups and downs of life. Here's the link:

Experiential Avoidance

Anti-Avoidance techniques are often an important part of becoming freer in life and are an integral part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a cutting-edge Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to healing.  Here's an interesting description of "Experiential Avoidance" and how it is implicated in mental health challenges

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